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Look beyond WHAT they are doing and discover WHY they are doing it.

Inspired by her personal experience, Wendy Gossett, M.Ed., CYMHS has dedicated herself to helping parents like you navigate the intricacies of parenting based on their child’s temperament. The parent-child relationship is a two-way street, where both parties can teach and learn from each other. Through her expertise in temperament psychology, she will empower you to:

  • Embrace and celebrate the unique temperament of your children.
  • Understand the unexpressed needs and messages behind your child’s behavior.
  • Adjust your parenting approach to create an environment that fosters confidence, self awareness and growth.
  • Strengthen the parent-child bond through effective communication and acceptance.
  • Cultivate an atmosphere of empathy and collaboration, whether the struggle is anxiety, defiance, OCD, anger or depression, so children can thrive as their authentic selves.
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14 Instant Ways To Form A Deeper Connection With Your Child

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How connected are you as a parent? Parent/Child Connectedness is the number one way to prevent “at risk” behaviors in our kids.

Raising kids is the most important job on the planet!

As parents, we influence the thinking, behavior, and development of the most important people on the planet; OUR KIDS!

When I look back on the last two decades of my work with parents both as an educator and parenting coach, I have discovered 14 common blind spots that reoccur and trip parents up the most.

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Client Testimonials

“Meeting with Wendy was one of the best decisions I'll ever make as a parent! After just a few days I see a difference in the way my son is responding to my approach. I can tell he feels more understood, and that's been my main goal in this journey!" - Jennifer D.
“For the first time, I can relax, knowing I am parenting my child the way she needs to be parented.” -Amey S.
“Wendy Gossett has completely changed my life and my relationship with my two sons for the better!” -Natalie G
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"Your Child's Inner Drive"
Parenting by Personality for Toddlers to Teens
Amazon Best Seller!

There were days I felt more like a crash test dummy than a parent…

My daughter was my complete opposite, and all I could see was her negative behavior. But thankfully life has a way of giving us what we need rather than what we think we want.

Focusing on who your child is versus what your child does is the first step in creating a sense of worthiness within your child.

In this book you will read about:

• Which of 16 personality types fits your child and what to expect from toddler to teenager
• Strengths and imbalances of each type
• Tips for helping your child find alignment
• Over one hundred case studies that address, sensitivity, anxiety, ADHD, defiance, aggression, hypochondria, low empathy, perfectionism and much more.

Not only is it necessary to learn how to guide your children, but it is also necessary to learn how they can guide you. Parenting is a two-way street!

After reading this book, not only will parents learn how to guide their children, but they will discover how their children can guide them. Parenting is a two-way street!

I have used a number of specialists in my 17 years of practice and there is no one I hold in higher esteem than Wendy Gossett. The feedback I receive from my patients is beyond impressive!  Her ability to communicate her process, plan, and goals to her clients is exemplary. Many of my staff and families comment on how she makes very dramatic and complex issues seem very simple to understand and implement. She is a trusted resource in our community.

– Dr. Brandon Davison-Tracy, Pediatrician

In my experience as a Neurofeedback Therapist, I have seen how Neuroscience is validating and building upon temperament psychology and the eight psychological functions of the brain that Wendy’s Navig8tion System reveals to families. It’s one thing to identify behaviors, but it’s much more powerful to identify why those behaviors are occurring and then tapping into the underutilized psychological functions your child possesses that could be called upon for behavioral change.

Rachel Ragsdale MA, LPC, BCN

They say that kids don’t come with a user manual but knowing and understanding their temperament comes pretty close! I 100% believe that knowing and understanding a child’s temperament will help parents, and I 100% know that this will absolutely transform relationships. I am confident that parents are going to be better because of the insight Wendy offers. I have gained new insight into my son and I am so thrilled to have met and worked with Wendy Gossett.

– Ryan Dobson, Founder of Rebel Parenting

Rebel Parenting Podcast Feat. Wendy Gosset - "Understanding Your Kids BETTER!!"
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