Is my child normal?

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Wendy Gossett is the “normal bar” for child behavior and has helped thousands of parents answer this question for over a decade.

Wendy Gossett M. Ed., CYMHS, is a Parenting and Relationship Coach and a Certified Youth Mental Health Specialist based in Denver Colorado.


What you will receive:

• 1 Child Inner Drive Assesment and results: This is a one of a kind automated temperament assessment that helps parents discover the unique brain functions of their child.

• Educational video about your child’s type: Once you receive the results from your Inner Drive Assessment, you will receive a basic introductory video explaining the result. Since we are all very complex, not everything in the video will resonate, but most of it should. If it doesn’t quite fit, chances are you have an inaccurate result. Some temperaments are very complicated and can look like many different types. I have worked with thousands of children and can very quickly pinpoint if the result of your test was inaccurate.

• Introduction to Temperament videos (part 1 and part 2): Videos where I share my personal struggles trying to parent my daughter who is my opposite in every way and how I found the answers I was seeking through her temperament. These videos give you the foundation for how navigating the rough roads of parenting can be made smoother by helping you have a new FOCUS for seeing your child, a new FRAMEWORK for working with your child and a way to FORECAST for their future all through the study of temperament psychology.

• The Four People Patterns video: This video will give you a basic understanding of the four people patterns which are foundational for understanding temperament.

• 15-minute phone consultation