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Creativity and the NF

Many types are out of the box thinkers and extremely creative. I am amazed when an artist can paint something they dreamed up in their head or write a song that can move me to tears. I am ENFJ and although I am not as good at creating something from nothing,  I would still say that creativity is one of my greatest strengths.

The other day I was putting together an Elvis costume for my son. We stepped into Goodwill and within the very first moment, I spied a little girl’s white snow princess sparkly skirt. I grabbed it and put it in the cart. My SJ Sensing Judging son looked at me puzzled. “Why on earth do you need this Mom?” “I am going to use it for the bottom of your Elvis cape,” I said matter of factly.  Then in the blink of an eye, I grabbed a pair of women’s white sweat pants with the words Santa Clara on them. “Mom?” Nathan questioned? “Bellbottoms, my son! We will paint over Santa Clara with acrylic paint add some bling and voila!” You get the picture. Within 15 minutes I had taken a little girl’s skirt, a pair of women’s sweat pants, a women’s sparkly white western shirt, and a fleece turned inside out and created a “Viva Las Vegas” costume.

My dear friend underwent shoulder surgery and as I was thinking of ways to encourage her, instantly something popped into my head. I would create a “bling sling”. She and I had just been talking about snakeskin being the new cheetah in regards to fashion, so I made her a blingy snakeskin sling. To take it a step further, another idea popped into my head…sling charms! One for each season that she could hang on her bling sling! I made these out of foamies glued to pipe cleaners.

Intuitive types LOVE to invent new things that have never been invented before. They can even grow restless if they aren’t creating something novel. SP types can also be extremely artistic and are some of the greatest performers out there. SJ types have incredible attention to detail and have saturated Pinterest with their intimidating and perfect creations. Since my attention to detail is lacking when I create something, you can’t look too closely!!

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