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Ever find yourself wondering if your child’s behavior is normal?

Maybe you are stressed and uncertain how to handle sibling rivalry, tantrums, sensitivity, picky eating, impulsivity, sleep problems or high sensitivity. Are you navigating challenges like a lack of social skills or emotional intelligence? Are you and your partner growing apart because due to all the crazy, you have lost sight of the connection that brought you together? Are you struggling to identify the God given strengths in your child, connect with your child and be on the same page with your partner? Are you praying for a way to finally relax and feel assured that you are parenting your child in a way that will bring out the best in them? Some personality types don’t respond to traditional parenting.

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Temperament displays differently in children than in adults so they can’t be treated equally. The Child Inner Drive Assessment has proven to be a very accurate starting point for assessing child temperament since parents are more objective when observing the behavior patterns in their children versus themselves.

I understand the journey, asking these very questions myself. Both my kids fall outside of the norm. My son is a highly sensitive feeler who broke his arm in cross country…twice, struggled with, sensory processing disorder and OCD and my daughter is a highly logical thinker, who enjoyed decapitating her American Girl dolls, struggled with low empathy and ADHD. I am not normal either, which you will discover if you Google “mom embarrasses son by dancing in a blizzard, on the Interstate to the Backstreet Boys.” Although I do hold a Master’s degree in education and work as a team building coach, these credentials did not help when it came to managing my own family team and parenting my daughter who is opposite of me in every way and nothing like anyone else in the family. This is why my understanding extends to parents in blended and adoptive families, where the process of getting to know your child can be its own unique challenge.

There was no user manual for my daughter. Every parenting book I picked up didn’t seem to fit. As I was using Myers Briggs and the Enneagram in my career as a team building coach and educator, I realized these tools could be powerful for helping family teams. I set out to study child personality patterns and began crafting a best-selling book called “Your Child’s Inner Drive: Parenting by Personality from Toddlers to Teens.” Its packed with helpful tools, discipline techniques, and over two hundred real-life case studies from families sharing their unique stories about children of all sixteen personality types. I’ve also developed a brain mapping system that is equal to a QEEG map of the brain. With each family member, including your partner, you can pinpoint what is causing the disconnect and figure out solutions.

On The Not So Normal Parenting podcast you will we will discuss how your child’s unique brain wiring can provide you with valuable understanding through every stage of their development from the toddler years all the way through to adulthood.

  • You will learn about all elements of personality through teaching as well as stories from families representing all sixteen Myers Briggs types and 9 Enneagram types to gain a crystal-clear FOCUS for understanding one another and forming appropriate expectations.
  • Through the insights I have gained by working with thousands of personality patterns and conversations with experts in the not-so-normal you will develop a solid FRAMEWORK for building up their best qualities. We will discuss education, discipline, extracurricular activities, relationships and more.
  • Have you ever wished you had a crystal ball to see what the adult version of your child would be like? Enjoy interviews with Grown-up Doppelgangers of your child’s personality type as well as hearing personality data to help you sketch a detailed FORECAST for encouraging them in their future development.
  • Discover your own type and parenting FLAVOR to gain self-awareness and encouragement so you can be a better spouse, friend, family member and coach for your child.

The Harvard business journal states that the number one quality of a leader is self- awareness. A parent is a leader! This podcast will help you and your partner appreciate how you complement each so you can effectively lead your children to become the best version of themselves and lead your family team to be connected and harmonious.

Today my not so normal and sometimes challenging children have become my reasons. My daughter and I realized we “complete” each other and my daughter’s signature is literally on all I do. My prayer for you as you listen to this podcast is that your child would become your reason and you will come to realize that normal is over-rated!

Join the Not So Normal Facebook Community where you can find other parents with children with the same personality type. It helps you realize your child’s behavior is “normal” for their unique type. I will share teachings, tips and tools beyond the podcast. It is a way to ask questions and interact with other parents in the “not so normal” space.

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