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Rebel Parenting Podcast
Wendy Gossett - Understanding Your Kids BETTER!!

Ryan Dobson fights for the hearts and souls of parents and families. Ryan and his wife, Laura have founded REBEL Parenting, to help combat the effects of modern culture. Ryan has combined his natural abilities and passion for public speaking to significantly engage and challenge parents and families in every stage of life…but in a revolutionary way: NOTHING is “off the table.” The old rules about “What you can & can’t talk about” have been thrown out the window!! The state of marriage and parenting is in such a state that “leading a rebellion” may be the most effective way to bring healing and help. It is this atmosphere of total honesty, grace, truth, and love that the messiness of this life can find wholeness.

Ryan works with all his heart on strengthening marriages and parents. He is a product of successful parenting, living a very public life as the son of America’s foremost family expert, author and radio broadcasting parenting specialist Dr. James Dobson. He launched his own radio broadcast with the purpose of “building passion and identity in Christ followers.” For two years running, he had nearly 10 million listens. He then helped his dad found “Family Talk” and also served as the Vice President of the broadcast.

With that rich background, he left “Family Talk” to begin REBEL Parenting because “to impact a culture like ours, sometimes you have to start a REBELLION.” Why? Because marriage is hard, parenting is harder. The struggle is real. But, it’s always worth it. As Ryan has said, “The value of having a great marriage is beyond description. Being close with your kids beyond comparison.”

Ryan Dobson grew up as the son of Dr. James Dobson, author of the ground breaking book, “The Strong Willed Child”. Ryan has been around broadcasting and family issues his entire life and adds his own unique flavor to both. His wife Laura was a professional surfer and the two loved catching waves together, until they moved to Colorado Springs to take on new adventures. Ryan and Laura have had amazing guests on their show such as Rachel Hollis, Priscilla Shirer, Dennis Raney and Kurt Cameron.

Wendy Gossett, founder of Wendy Gossett Temperament Coaching, stops by the REBEL studio to educate us on temperaments through the Myers Briggs and other mind-blowing illustrations, so we can better connect with our spouse and children. This will change your whole perspective on your close relationships!

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