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The Parenting Well Podcast
Parenting by Personality with Wendy Gossett

I am Dr. Shelly Mahon, your host, and today’s WELL source is Wendy Gossett.  Wendy is a parenting and relationship coach based in the Denver metro area. Her primary focus is temperament psychology, which is a technique parents can use to understand what their child is doing and why they are doing it. By recognizing their brain functions,  parents can learn to accept and pull the best out of their children. This podcast focuses on:Understanding temperament and how it can be recognized in your child as early as infancy. Recognizing your own temperament and the temperament of other family members. The relationship between temperament and personality tests like the Meyers Briggs. The four brain functions and how they can help you see strengths that may have been invisible before. How your understanding of brain functions can expose underlying reasons for parent-child conflict. Strategies for capitalizing on your child’s strengths and building self-esteem. How temperament type correlates with issues like sensory processing, impulse control, ADD/ADHD, high sensitivity, inflexibility, depression and stress & anxiety. Resources Book: Your Child’s Inner Drive: Parenting by Personality from Toddlers to Teens by Wendy Gossett Youtube: Denver Woman Dances in the Middle of Highway Traffic | Wendy Gossett Resource: Child’s Inner Drive Assessment and Starter Packages

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