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Basic Package


For the single parent or the parent who wants to dive right into their parent/child relationship without the overhead of coordinating with a partner. This is also for the new parent who may just want to focus on one child.



• 1 Child and 1 Parent Inner Drive Assesment: This is a one of a kind automated temperament assessment that helps parents discover the unique brain functions of their child.

• 1 Child and 1 Parent Intrinsic Drive Evaluation: I will use my experience working with thousands of families, studying their patterns, as well as my collective knowledge of temperament research to give an accurate assessment.

• Basic educational video about your child’s type: Once you receive the results from your Inner Drive assessment, you will receive a video explaining the result. Since we are all very complex, not everything in the video will resonate, but most of it should. If it doesn’t quite fit, chances are you have an inaccurate result. Some temperaments are very complicated and can look like many different types. When we meet, we will begin your child’s personal inner drive evaluation.

• The Four People Patterns video: This video will give you a basic understanding of the four people patterns which are foundational for understanding temperament.

• The Standard Navigation System and Parent/Child Mapping: Effective tools for creating the best foundation possible for your family using the concepts of temperament psychology and the eight psychological functions.

• Basic Exercises and tips for implementing concepts: These exercises and tips will help you introduce the concepts to your children and hit the ground running!

• 75-minute virtual session (Local residents ask about in-person meeting).

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