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One-On-One Coaching With Wendy


Marriage Couples
You can’t put a price tag on a happy relationship and it takes work to crawl out of a pit, but if possible, wouldn’t you like to save time and money by working with a coach who already has a deep understanding of your marriage dynamic before you even say one word? Through the Enneagram and Meyers Briggs Assessments we can celebrate complimentary patterns and diagnose negative ones so that you can begin moving towards a better understanding of each other and the unified marriage you desire. First, you will be sent two assessments (if you haven’t already taken them). Once completed, I will evaluate the results and then we will meet to explore your:

  • Core needs/emotions
  • Defenses
  • Triggers
  • Negative Patterns
  • Conflict/Communication styles
  • Family of Origin issues
  • Strategies for moving towards each other

Dating and Engaged Couples
I also work with dating and engaged couples to help them get their relationship stated on the right foot.

Explore your patterns and understand how to grow to your fullest potential by using Meyers Briggs and the Enneagram.



For parents, dating couples, married couples, or individuals who are looking to find a deeper understanding of themselves as they face the challenging situations in their lives.

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