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What's Driving Your Kids?

You already know WHAT they do, but wouldn’t you like to know WHY they do it and how to help them find more BALANCE?

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Understanding Your Family 101
(2 Hour Intro Session)
For the parent or parents who want to better understand how all the temperaments under their roof are impacting each other, why their children are reacting negatively to each other and how their different parenting styles are having an impact. This is the foundational training which must be completed first, before adding in child sessions and family sessions.
2 Adult Inner Drive Assessments
2 Child Inner Drive Assessments
Assessment Evaluation and True Typing
Family Navigation System Materials
Brain Mapping for Four
Basic Exercises for Implementing Concepts
Access to Educational Videos


120-minute virtual session

Child Inner Drive Assessment
(2 included in Understanding Your Kids 101)
There are countless personality tests out there, but very few of them are specifically designed for children and very few are based on the largest body of collective temperament research. This Inner Drive Assessment will show you the inner workings of your child’s brain, much like you would see on an EEG map. The results will give you new insight for understanding your child today and tell you how their brain will continue to develop as they mature.

Personality displays differently in children than in adults. I have observed consistent patterns in the development of thousands of children. Even though it may seem like your child’s behavior is bizarre, you may be reassured to discover it is normal for their personality type.

This is a SHORTENED FREE version of the actual assessment. It will give you a quick picture into your child’s temperament. By scheduling Understanding Your Kids 101 you will receive the COMPLETE assessment for two of your children and two adult assessments.

1 Child Inner Drive Assessment and results

Educational video about your child’s type

Introduction to Temperament videos

Four People Patterns video

15-minute phone consultation

Best Selling Book:
Your Child's Inner Drive
After reading this book, not only will parents learn how to guide their children, but they will discover how their children can guide them. Parenting is a two-way street! In this book you will discover:

Over one hundred case studies that address,
sensitivity, anxiety, ADHD, defiance, aggression,
hypochondria, low empathy, perfectionism and much more.

Which of 16 personality types fits your child and what to
expect from toddler to teenager

Strengths and imbalances of each type

Tips for helping your child find alignment

Peace of mind



Executive Functioning Packages for Young Adults

I work directly with young adults ages 12+ who need help with the following executive functioning skills:


Inhibition (Unable to relax)

Non-verbal working memory

Verbal working memory

Emotional self-regulation.


Planning and problem solving

You can choose the areas of focus your child needs.

Each session will have corresponding exercises so your child can practice skills in between sessions.

4 60-minute sessions

6 60-minute sessions

8 60-minute sessions

(For clients who have completed Understanding Your Kids 101)
Follow Up Package Silver
For parents who want to focus primarily on their children and solidify the concepts from the Understanding Session. Parents will choose growth areas for each child and then learn strategies specifically designed for each child’s unique needs. Parents will learn how to incorporate these strategies into their daily lives.

Custom designed strategies for your child

Guidance for using strategies

Study materials about your children’s specific types

A copy of Your Child’s Inner Drive: Parenting by Personality from Toddlers to Teens


3 1-hour virtual sessions

$469 $399

Follow Up Package Gold
For the parents who want to understand themselves as well as their children so they can differentiate their own strengths and growth areas from those of their children. Husbands and wives benefit by gaining a new appreciation for one another and new insights as to how they can support each other more effectively. Parents will learn many strategies for guiding their children according to their unique inner drive and strategies for teaching their children how to honor each other.

Custom designed strategies for your child

Guidance for using strategies

Study materials about your children’s specific types

A copy of Your Child’s Inner Drive: Parenting by Personality from Toddlers to Teens


5 1-hour virtual sessions 

$699 $599

For parents, dating couples, married couples, or individuals who are looking to find a deeper understanding of themselves as they face the challenging situations in their lives.

$99 per hour

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