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When my dad, Dr. James Dobson, author of The Strong-Willed Child, was getting his Ph.D. in the ’60s, he disagreed with the USC Psychology department’s teaching that kids were born a blank slate and all their actions were a result of how they were parented. Our kid’s behavior is not a full reflection of our parenting! Take heart if you are struggling with a strong-willed child because when you understand their temperament, you can be their guide, and teach them to use their will to change a suffering world.

– Ryan Dobson, Host of Rebel Parenting

All the ladies in our group were raving about Wendy! I heard so many of them say they want to call her right away for a temperament mapping session! They were all encouraged to be better parents and to better understand each other! Wendy’s talk helped me to see all my children in their best light and encourage their strengths to shine!

– Megan Haberer, MOPS Coordinator

​It seemed like I was growing apart from my daughter as she grew older.  She is so different from me. I wanted to connect with my daughter but didn’t know how.   Wendy revealed her core temperament and gave me tools to parent her more effectively. I am happy knowing how to better meet my daughter’s needs.

– Michelle Cheetsdale, Parent

Meeting Wendy has transformed our family! I am so grateful for Wendy’s work, and surprised with how immediately our family dynamic has shifted! The most impactful work happened when we understood how each of us sees the world, revealing our own biases, and giving us specific techniques that bring out the best in each of my children. So powerful to understand how we are wired, how we are different than others, and how to best support one another as a family!

– Sara Blanchard, Author of Flex Mom

​My son was failing in school. Once his grades fell he decided he would succeed in something else. That’s when he was caught with marijuana at school. Wendy discovered that his main driving force was to impress and take risks. She also uncovered hidden strengths that I didn’t see. Now I can give my son the understanding and validation he needs to feel successful.

– Robert Fischer, Father

Meeting with Wendy was amazing. As she explained the temperaments of each of our family members it was eye-opening to discover why we act the way we do. If you need help understanding your kids, or your spouse or yourself…make an appointment!! She is lovely!

– Kelli Wojtkewicz, Home School Mom

As a parent, I want to see God’s bigger picture and the unique balance He longs to create in us by giving us all such different temperaments. It is validating to know that the challenges we face are not as much due to our lack of parenting skills, as they are in the misunderstanding of our kid’s personalities. I love my kids so much that I want to figure them out! Wendy helped us to do just that.    

– Nakia Constant, Home School Mom

Not only did Wendy bring us great insight into our children, but my husband and I benefitted from this information as well! I have always felt like I didn’t quite fit in with other women. Now instead of feeling inadequate, I can embrace the strengths of my unique personality. There is freedom in knowing who you are so that you can relax and stop striving to be something you are not! I am excited to give this gift to my children as well.

– Jan Stacey, Parent

I spent months reading Love and Logic, to address discipline concerns with our 5-year-old son. But it wasn’t until I discovered the non-blanket approach Wendy takes that I realized how we were getting off track with our kids, and even with each other. I feel empowered again and have the tools to be a successful parent. I realized that a “one size fits all” technique, doesn’t work. Thank you, Wendy! I wanted to cry after she left, tears of relief, joy, and general enthusiasm.

– Angie Bryan, Parent

I can’t tell you how many times I have said to myself (and prayed) “God, I just don’t know how to parent this child. Please help me! I feel much better equipped now, and honestly, I feel like this is the breakthrough I have prayed for.

– Margaret Benton, Castle Rock Homeschool Director   

It is a great relief to have a support system in someone like Wendy who understands the peaceful parenting direction we wish to move in. I spent time reading various materials from the internet and books (Love and Logic, Philosophical Child, Peaceful Parenting) on child behavior but discussions with Wendy helped me to accept and understand the family personality types far faster than collecting and assimilating the various avenues of research for myself.

– Amber West, Parent

Meeting with Wendy changed the way we look at our relationship with our son. We had multiple doctors and professionals tell us that his behaviors were probably the result of something on the autism spectrum, but we weren’t convinced. I wish we would have met with Wendy BEFORE we met with all the others! Discovering his temperament really opened our eyes to his unique needs and gave us the tools we had been looking for!

– Audra Boyle, Parent

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