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This knowledge takes the guesswork out of parenting and will give you and your kids the freedom to be who you were designed to be. Working with Wendy opened up the world of understanding for all the people in my life! In addition to working with her in person, her YouTube videos and blog posts are helpful and give tangible tools you can use right away.

– Laura Dobson, Host of Rebel Parenting

My discussion with Wendy has given me incredible insight into who my children are and has allowed me to connect with them in a much deeper way than I could have on my own. I can see how I’ve unknowingly put one child in a box with the others, have not understood the depth of the internal world of another, and realized that I need to foster more connection with my third child, the introverted performer. Thanks so much, Wendy!

– Helga L., Alberta, Canada

Wendy Gossett has completely changed my life and my relationship with my two sons for the better!

– Natalie Gold, Parent

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