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I have used a number of specialists in my 17 years of practice and there is no one I hold in higher esteem than Wendy Gossett. The feedback I receive from my patients is beyond impressive!  Her ability to communicate her process, plan, and goals to her clients is exemplary. Many of my staff and families comment on how she makes very dramatic and complex issues seem very simple to understand and implement. She is a trusted resource in our community.

– Dr. Brandon Davison-Tracy, Pediatrician

In my experience as a Neurofeedback Therapist, I have seen how Neuroscience is validating and building upon temperament psychology and the eight psychological functions of the brain that Wendy’s Navig8tion System reveals to families. It’s one thing to identify behaviors, but it’s much more powerful to identify why those behaviors are occurring and then tapping into the underutilized psychological functions your child possesses that could be called upon for behavioral change.

Rachel Ragsdale MA, LPC, BCN

They say that kids don’t come with a user manual but knowing and understanding their temperament comes pretty close! I 100% believe that knowing and understanding a child’s temperament will help parents, and I 100% know that this will absolutely transform relationships. I am confident that parents are going to be better because of the insight Wendy offers. I have gained new insight into my son and I am so thrilled to have met and worked with Wendy Gossett.

– Ryan Dobson, Founder of Rebel Parenting

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