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Future Focused Parenting
Finding Your Child's Inner Drive - with Wendy Gossett

Future Focused Parenting is simple, yet profound…and that’s why we love it! We are so excited to share our revolutionary parenting philosophy with you. Our approach, developed from our work as parent coaches, provides you clear direction in your parenting choices while freeing you up to truly enjoy your children.

It’s really all about utilizing two powerful tools. First, when using Future Focused Parenting, you will operate from a strong “why.” This means you as the parent(s) decide (preferably in advance) the foundation for your parenting choices. This way, you’ll always understand the why behind the what in your parenting, for everything from behavior expectations to how you spend family vacation time.

Secondly, Future Focused Parenting uses long-term thinking. Rather than what seems easy or expedient in the moment, you will choose what is best in the long run. You’ll be thinking ahead to how this particular event or moment will shape your child(ren) as they grow. As such, you are thinking less about the “what” of the desired behavior at the time, and more about the “who” of the person you envision your child becoming as an adult.

You’ll see these two aspects of Future Focused Parenting throughout our site, as well as interwoven in all our podcast episodes, and even in our written materials. We are thrilled that you’ve chosen to check out Future Focused Parenting and hope that our work will help you move from merely surviving parenthood to fully thriving in it!

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